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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Crochet - DIL's Yule Gift

I'm calling the set 'Gothic Faerie Tale'

First is the shawl -
Lost Souls pattern times two, married together with three double stranded rows of Patons Metallic Pewter.

The full, folded shawl
Right side around
Wrong side around
the skulls in the shawl show up best close up

Then comes the hood -
Chunky Hoodie pattern, also times two, married this time with a simple Patons Metallic Pewter edging.

Side showing the skully-tassel
Close up (washed out by the flash, sadly)
And, last but not least, the texting mitts -
Vintage Fingerless Gloves pattern in red and black with pewter trim and crocheted thread roses

finished mitts
back side
palm side

I'll admit to being quite nervous about this one ...
Jys says I outdid myself and that I could sell this for real cash ... I halfway think she's right.
I'll know for certain when I see DIL's reaction when I give them to her next weekend.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gardening - Getting ready for the cold ...

Just got my plants winterized (ready for the cold weather ahead) and all, but one that needs to be (too heavy to lift solo so needs must wait till K gets home), moved into the greenhouse. 
Bring on the chill, we're ready!

(not that it gets terribly cold in this part of Canada, compared to the majority of the rest of it)

I think that, mid-month, I'll make a trip to a local nursery and see what I can pick up from the end of season left overs (heh .. I have two french tarragon plants which were sold as annuals but are preparing to see their second winter). I have gotten some really nice plants at killer prices just because it was the end of the growing season.

This is about all the gardening I have managed to accomplish this year, between the reno and getting K's mom moved in ... the beastly hot/dry summer we had ... and my own issues (including a summer semester at Uni), and my poor potted plants really showed the neglect.

I spent most of my time outside pruning back the unhealthy looking overgrowth in the main Peppermint and Lemon Balm pots and trimming down the two new LB plants which self-seeded into nearby pots from the parent plant (and then promptly killed off each pot's original inhabitant). 

Got my French Tarragon, Curry Plant (not really curry ... which is a collection of diverse spices mixed together ... but it smells pleasant and reminiscent of mild curry when it's cooking in a dish), Boneset, Lavender, Gentian, Oregano and Sage trimmed back and into the greenhouse along with my Wild Dog Rose (no trim needed). My Echinacea is ready to go in but, as the last time I tried to move it was resulted in a fall which came close to having life threatening ramifications, it will wait till I have able bodied help to carry it ( see? I CAN learn ^_~)

I will likely need to shuffle the pots around in the greenhouse, at latest come February, so that I can have the front side (which gets the most light during the course of the day) available for when it comes time to start seeds. I have managed to accumulate a really nice variety and am quite looking forward to seeing if I can master the art of germination.

I'm also considering whether I need to pick up a heater for my little greenhouse ... we'll have to see how cold things get this winter.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox Yarn Harvest 2013 - Yarn Crawl

First off ... Jolly Autumn everyone!

So, I went into Vancouver yesterday and met up with a friend who is as fibre-crazy as I am (mabey more .. she HAS been knitting since she was a mid-teen, after all). Together we did part of the Yarn Harvest crawl ... making it to a number of the )local to her) yarn shops on the list ... I remember Baaad Anna's, Wool is Not Enough, Wet Coast Yarns and I _think_ the last one was Gina Brown Yarns.

I had a great time, excellent weather, good company (Thanks again, Janet!), exercise (all that walking = the good ouch today), and lots and lots of yarns to see and, more importantly for me as I am apparently tactile motivated, touch.

All the shops I saw were very different in their presentation and 'personality', each had a little something different to offer by way of the fibres they carried. The lass at Baaad Anna's and the two at Wool is Not Enough were even able to get past my "issues" and make me feel at comfortable and engaged (though whether that would still have been the case without J there, I'm not so certain) so that I'd definitely consider them as places I could go back to.

What I did come to realize as I explored each shop's wares was that I am totally spoiled to have Birkeland Bros. Wool as my LYS (local yarn shop). Walking into these stores from the Valley, accustomed to the variety ... yarn, felting, spinning, weaving, and everything from hand dyed combed top braids to raw wool (cleaned but uncarded) ... from BBW made the Vancouver places seem a bit limited. And, while some of the Van shops had a good number of yarns that my LYS doesn't carry (like the cloud soft undyed baby yak from Wet Coast or the *omgs* MINK from Gina Brown's), it's made me feel very grateful that I have BBW so close by.

I am sore and exhausted but very happy with the whole experience. I had a wonderful time.

I am also very glad that the Yarn Harvest only comes around once a year as I probably have blown my whole yarn budget for between now and then.

my Haul ^_^

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

'Been a while ...

I kind of fell off the blogging wagon there since I moved into the new house from the suite I had been renting last October. I haven't stopped crafting although, due to demands on my time made by University and renovating the main floor Suite to be suitable for my MIL's mobility needs, I haven't done more of an herbal nature than occasionally water those plants which I had that survived overwintering. 

I have, however, made a foray into the fibre arts ... picking back up my crochet hooks as well as learning to spin and knit. It's been a very positive venture which I am benefitting greatly from. It has been scientifically proven that such rhythmic and repetitive tasks such as what I am doing lowers stress levels by increasing the brain's production of endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine. Very useful for an agoraphobic who refuses to give into the condition. 

I opened a Ravelry account to keep track of my WIP's and completed projects, as well as gain access to a variety of groups I can learn from (and let's not ignore the free patterns).

My boneset is just about ready for harvesting and drying, so I'm thinking that its high time that I dusted off this blog and got back to posting here. 

~ Medb