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Monday, January 22, 2018

Recrudescence ...

Yes, this site too was affected in the wipe that I effected recently ... all three of my blog-sites have been returned to square one as I try to figure out what is going on in my head (see my first post on Líon Damháin for more on that score). 

Since ringing my bell on the Cauldron/Dutch Oven ... yes, I've been reminded a few times now that clocking one's head on the thing isn't the right way to go about getting more iron in one's diet ... followed by the trip over M'Lady the very next day that left me sprawled prone on my bedroom floor, I've had to wrangle with a mild concussion (dizziness, trouble walking a straight line, visual distortions, headaches and low backache). Huzzah?

To top it off, all our hours on site (job) have been cut from 12 to 7.5-8hrs which, quite apart from the reduction in paycheque we're all experiencing, means that most of my shift is done in the dark. Thanks to the visual distortions, I'm not getting any crafting done while I sit watching the site. Two of my three WIP (work in progress) are of a dark yarn and I just cannot see what I'm doing well enough to be willing to risk working blind so to speak. 

Sunshine (granddaughter) and I spent a pleasurable and rare Nana doesn't work weekend doing some crafts together. I think she had a fair bit of fun as we finished the work on the nail polish flowers we had made ... turning her six favorites into hair barettes while the rest were put into a tin for safe keeping till we have enough to decorate the indoor light string that's going to go up in her room. By then, we ought to each have enough practice to try making other things like bracelets, pendants and crowns. We put together a cardboard unicorn that is currently my kitchen table's centrepiece.

We even spent some time running some wool through my drum carder ... it (wool) and the previous batch need a good washing with a grease cutting soap before they will show their true worth (stuffing for a quilt or spin worthy) ... but she seemed to really enjoy sitting beside me, turning the handle while I fed the wool into the drums. 

Not too bad really. 😃