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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Craft Work: In Cutting the Ties That Bind.

So, a friend of mine has asked for a little "help" in dealing with the negative influences of an individual with whom she was once in a relationship, but who is now behaving in a manner most unbecoming of a gentleman. He is employing spiteful tactics of domineering control that I am well familiar with from having been through this with my late ex (father of my children). Being that this is someone to whom she is linked through their child, a toddler who is being employed as a pawn in this person's misbehaviour, the option of simply never interacting with him is not available.

She has asked, and so shall she receive ... beginning now.

Tomorrow and the next day, I have set myself a couple of tasks to complete that will culminate in my having a little spiritual care-package for her when I see her on Saturday arvo. In the meantime, the weaving has already begun. I have gathered my materials and am marshaling my Intent and my Will in order that I will be best able to focus them when I begin the manual portion of the crafting on the morrow.

More to come ...