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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Crochet - DIL's Yule Gift

I'm calling the set 'Gothic Faerie Tale'

First is the shawl -
Lost Souls pattern times two, married together with three double stranded rows of Patons Metallic Pewter.

The full, folded shawl
Right side around
Wrong side around
the skulls in the shawl show up best close up

Then comes the hood -
Chunky Hoodie pattern, also times two, married this time with a simple Patons Metallic Pewter edging.

Side showing the skully-tassel
Close up (washed out by the flash, sadly)
And, last but not least, the texting mitts -
Vintage Fingerless Gloves pattern in red and black with pewter trim and crocheted thread roses

finished mitts
back side
palm side

I'll admit to being quite nervous about this one ...
Jys says I outdid myself and that I could sell this for real cash ... I halfway think she's right.
I'll know for certain when I see DIL's reaction when I give them to her next weekend.

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