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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox Yarn Harvest 2013 - Yarn Crawl

First off ... Jolly Autumn everyone!

So, I went into Vancouver yesterday and met up with a friend who is as fibre-crazy as I am (mabey more .. she HAS been knitting since she was a mid-teen, after all). Together we did part of the Yarn Harvest crawl ... making it to a number of the )local to her) yarn shops on the list ... I remember Baaad Anna's, Wool is Not Enough, Wet Coast Yarns and I _think_ the last one was Gina Brown Yarns.

I had a great time, excellent weather, good company (Thanks again, Janet!), exercise (all that walking = the good ouch today), and lots and lots of yarns to see and, more importantly for me as I am apparently tactile motivated, touch.

All the shops I saw were very different in their presentation and 'personality', each had a little something different to offer by way of the fibres they carried. The lass at Baaad Anna's and the two at Wool is Not Enough were even able to get past my "issues" and make me feel at comfortable and engaged (though whether that would still have been the case without J there, I'm not so certain) so that I'd definitely consider them as places I could go back to.

What I did come to realize as I explored each shop's wares was that I am totally spoiled to have Birkeland Bros. Wool as my LYS (local yarn shop). Walking into these stores from the Valley, accustomed to the variety ... yarn, felting, spinning, weaving, and everything from hand dyed combed top braids to raw wool (cleaned but uncarded) ... from BBW made the Vancouver places seem a bit limited. And, while some of the Van shops had a good number of yarns that my LYS doesn't carry (like the cloud soft undyed baby yak from Wet Coast or the *omgs* MINK from Gina Brown's), it's made me feel very grateful that I have BBW so close by.

I am sore and exhausted but very happy with the whole experience. I had a wonderful time.

I am also very glad that the Yarn Harvest only comes around once a year as I probably have blown my whole yarn budget for between now and then.

my Haul ^_^

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