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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Herbalism: Making Tinctures Part 2 ... cont'd ^_~

So ... I've had a couple more tinctures mature since I updated last and I decanted each as it came ready.

Tincture of Catnip - decanted April 2nd, 2012
I'd say the Tincture of Catnip was a success being that, as I was in the process of decanting three mewling fuzzballs appeared at my side and began crowding my ankles. It was almost comical to see them begging like puppies ... alas, being that alcohol is a poison and I refuse to drag my furkids back down the evolutionary scale on the off chance there's a laugh to get out of it, I was unable to acquiesce to their demands and they had to make do with the dried leaf instead. Which, in turn, resulted in looks of disappointed disgust as only another cat-parent would be familiar with.