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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Herbalism: Mullein leaf Draught - Pt3

How to use it once you've made it.

This is actually as easy as the making it part was ...

You need:

Gathered everything needed ...
you can see Kara's tiger mug and my black cat mug in the background.

  • milk (whole, organic is best but homogenized and 2% will work in a pinch)
  • a pot
  • approximately 1 cup of the Mullein infusion
Put the pot (non-metal is preferred) on the stove and pour in your cupful of infused Mullein. Add an equal amount of milk and heat, stirring gently, until it just begins to steam.
1 cupful of Mullein infusion

1 cupful of milk

Pour into a cup, stir and drink as warm as you can handle. It has an anti-inflammatory and an expectorant action to it so do not be alarmed if you cough up some mucous from deep in your lungs. You should not experience an uncontrolled coughing fit, just the occasional cough which should help clear the lungs.

Mix in a non-metal pot ...
This photo really doesn't do the faint
chocolatey brown colour of the brew
any justice. 

Cover, stirring gently and occasionally,
until the draught begins to steam.

Unsweetened, it tastes like smoky milk, which I find quite tasty as it is. For Kara, because she's not normally a fan of new or strange brews, I sweeten it with honey to make it go down a bit easier. I would do the same (sweeten) if I were serving it to a child or infant, but the dosage would be 1/2 a cup to a child 12 or older ... 2 Tablespoonfuls to a child from 4-12, 2 teaspoonfuls to a younger child or baby. 

Pour into a cup and drink hot/warm.
Ideally, if dealing with an individual who has a chronic respiratory issue, you would want to dose them once per day for 6 weeks at a cupful at the beginning of allergy season and then you can reduce the dosage to 3 tablespoons if needed.

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