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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Craft Work: Imbolc crafts

With Brìd's Fire Festival coming up on February 4th, and still trying to make positive strides in reconnecting my spiritual and mundane lives, I decided that this year (for the first time in over 15 years) I would get the materials I need and create a Brìd doll and cross. Not having ready access to reeds at this point in time, I went with the next best thing that I could find ... raffia from Micheals.

An unruly mess, no?
Being that I haven't done this in quite a while, I'm fairly out of practice so it was actually quite the challenge. I opted to begin the doll first. Being that the doll is supposed to represent Brìd, I used 28 gauge blue coloured copper wire to secure the raffia so it wouldn't come apart on me.

I made the arms first.

And here's the completed Doll.
The cross caused me more trouble as the raffia pieces were large
and difficult to keep from snagging with itself.
But I'm pretty pleased with the end result.
I still have to make Brìd's bed and a makeshift "cloak" to leave out overnight to catch the dawn (and the dew, of course) of the 4th ... those will be posted as I have them ready.



  1. The doll, the bed and the cross I'm familiar with. But I've never heard of the cloak before.

    1. Also called Brat Brìd, or Brìd's Mantle ... it's a tradition of putting a piece of ribbon, linen or an actual cloak (if you happen to have one handy) outside on the night before Imbolc in a spot that will gather dew come morning.

      The tradition holds that, as the Goddess travels across the land that night, the brat will be blessed by her ... infusing it with her healing powers. Likewise, the dew that gathers upon it can be gathered and stored for use in healing lotions, potions, and spells.