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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Craft Work: Ties that bind con't.

Well, I managed to get everything done that I wanted to (out of respect for the individual in question, I am not posting photos of the workings I wrought as it would be inappropriate) for my friend.

Being that I spent most of the evening of the 30th, and all of the 31st in the grips of a barometrically induced migraine, I'm pretty pleased that I did so ... and delivered the care-package to her at our usual rendezvous spot in New West with Kara's help (she drove so I could take one of the powerful pills).

The package contained:

  • a Reiki charged stuffie for the little one
  • a similarly charged pillar candle (a good large one so it'll last her a while) for herself to burn at those times when she needs a little extra TLC
  • one blue rose candle lit from my Kildare Flame and then extinguished so that the wick would carry the energy for her
  • an indoor safe, easy lighting incense coal (in case she didn't have access to an actual fireplace/firepit)
  • a smudge bundle of yarrow and white sage for purification and healing
  • a jar of a combination of dried Centaury, Trefoil, and Blessed Thistle for her to burn either with the coal or on an open flame as part of a personal cleansing/tie cutting ceremony
  • and the materials for a protective charm she can make herself (which included the basic materials to craft a dreamcatcher as well as: a magickally wrought and charged wire name for both her and her child; a Turkish evil-eye bead to ward off active malignant energies; a silver key charm to promote the opening of new doors and moving forward; a magnetized hematite bead to attract positive energies; a rose quarts bead to promote loving and healing energies; an amethyst bead for protection; and a clear quarts bead to energetically power the whole thing).
It was all well received, though I do think I may have overwhelmed her somewhat as I kept producing item after item from my bag to give her. 

Oh sure, I could have crafted the dreamcatcher for her, but I followed my instincts and opted to allow her to take each charged component, add her energies and wishes for peace and harmony in her life,  and make it truly hers (paying the energetic tithe through the actual effort of assembly) so that it can be a strong amulet for her.

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