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Monday, January 23, 2012

Baking: Hobbit Honey Cakes ... again ^_^

I'm trying to see if I can manage to make this recipe in smaller batches ... the biggest problem with the last one was the sheer size of portions I saw my dear older boy walking off with. Besides, after building the little Altar and candle shrine, what better way to finish off the New Moon (and beginning of the Chinese year of the Dragon, no less!).

Yes, it is a compliment when you make something and they keep sneaking back to have more .. but the ability to make it last (being that I can only have a little at a time due to calorie restrictions), so I can have more than one piece before it has disappeared, is important.

Cakes going in ...
I will say, with 1/4 cup of fine Scottish Whiskey in the mix, licking the bowl has it's own kind of fun ^_~

Cakes cooling ...
Didn't take nearly as long to cook as the last time ... only about 30 minutes and they were ready to come out.

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