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Friday, November 18, 2011

Herbalism: Rosehip Syrup final

After letting the cooked hip and water brew steep overnight, I got back to making the syrup.

First I gathered up everything I would need ... the steeped hips,
1Kg of honey from my local honey store, containers to pour the
completed syrup into (incl the currently full honey jar), ceramic pot,
bamboo spoon, and reusable cloth mesh jelly strainer. 

Using the mesh strainer bag, I poured the contents of the two thermos
containers and the two mason jars into the ceramic bowl.

The beauty of the cloth bag is that it allows me to really squeeze
all the juice I can get out of the cooked mass.

Heat to simmering ...
The bag works so well, much better than the cheesecloth I used to use.
No sediment left behind ... which is important as the seed of the rosehips are
known to irritate the bum on exit. (politest was I could think of phrasing that :p )

Stir in the honey and then keep on a low heat to reduce down
to 1/2 it's volume.

Finished syrup cooling in it's jars ....
I'm kind of pleased that I gauged the amount so well.
Two Bears and most of a hive .. so the yield was 1.75L of yummy syrup.
Whoo ... and we're done.
Now to get some pancake batter ^_^
Or mabey just a spoon ^_~

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  1. Wow! That looks amazing!! Both tasty amazing, and watching the progressive photos of you doing it is amazing. :-D