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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Herbalism: Phaze 1

Today I began work on the rosehip syrup ...

Preparing the hips ...
cut them in half and put them into the ceramic pot.

Once all the hips are cut,
I strained the water they'd been soaking in and added it too.
Simmer on low heat until it boils.

This has got to be the best part ... can you see all of that steam?
It makes the whole house smell of roses ^_^ 

Once the brew has started boiling,
you remove it from heat and pour it into the containers.
I filled both the double glass walled thermos type I had and still had some fluid left
over so I filled the two mason jars you can see.
The thermos containers will stay on the counter overnight so their
contents can steep. The mason Jars will go into the fridge until they are ready for use.
The adventure continues tomorrow.

Oooohhh ... my house smells so good right now.


  1. Did you strain the rose hips from the syrup or leave them in?

    1. No, I strained the rose hips ... as I mentioned above, the seeds that you find inside the hips are highly irritating to the mucous membranes and extremely difficult and time consuming to remove (though I did do it a few years back when I made rosehip and apple jam).

      For the purpose I needed the hips for in the syrup, it was not necessary to go through all that effort. The strained juice was the element that was required.