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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Crafty Thoughts: Forging New Directions

I'm positively amazed how, in only three months, I've had this explosion in crafting creativity ... not only the wanting to leading to doing but also the sudden appearance of a hitherto unknown ability to look at a picture of a given craft and be able, within a couple of moments of manipulating the image in my head, to reproduce said activity.

Not at all certain where this ability has come from particularly since, in the case of the chainmail activity, I can distinctly recall while working at Stream back in 2002 that one of my co-workers who did chainmail for the local SCA tried several times to show me how to make the weave (basic European 4 in 1). I was fascinated with what she was doing but just could not, no matter how many times she demonstrated it to me, grasp the mechanics of what I was supposed to be doing.

I am very grateful for the ease with which I seem to be picking up whatever metal based craft I am trying at this point. It is helping a great deal in allowing me to be doing something, occupying my mind and hands, to keep me from fretting about the estate situation and/or Kara's post-operative recovery.

Something new happened shortly after I completed the Wire Writing activity ... being that the wire name I made  was, essentially, a practice exercise with no real purpose beyond seeing if I could do it ...

This next bit may seem odd to readers who aren't aware that I draw little distinction between my sacred crafting and basic arts and crafts stuff. Everything I do, that I write about here, is done with a burning Kildare flame nearby so that there is energy flowing into the work I am doing even when the purpose is simply a practice.

I walked into the darkened bedroom and went to place the wire wrought name into a box for safe keeping until I could figure out either a safe way to dispose of it (names always have power) or a way to use it constructively. As I was placing it into the container, it occurred to me to question what the melting temperature of 20 gauge copper wire might be (1083 C). Simultaneously, in my mind's eye at the moment where I  held the wire over the box, I got an image of what was obviously a sword blade cooling in a stone mould (which would likely make the cooling metal bronze) while the wire name was dropped into/onto it to fuse with it ... empowering the blade with the power that had been crafted into the wire.

This led to me wondering where I could learn to forge bronze ... which was answered less than 30 minutes later when an individual on one of my FB groups posted a link to a bronzesmith in Wales who holds seminars several times per year ....

Now my brain won't shut up and I've caught myself looking at properties on mls with a view to whether or not there'd be enough space for a workshop that could include a forge kiln.

Heh ... I'm curious where this may lead.

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