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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Viking Weave: Plotting ...

Well, a quick trip to New Westminster and several phone calls to various bead and craft places in the Lower Mainland has resulted in no one having the draw plate I need ... closest I can get is Moody Beads in New West. They actually have some on order but won't have them in for at least two weeks at which point I'll be in Montreal and getting ready to come home. Being that I'm wanting to have the draw plate to take with me to Mtl to help keep my hands and mind busy while Kara is in surgery ... so that won't work.

I did a quick inventory of my drill case, turns out I have all but the four largest bit sizes I need to make my own ... so, I'll be making a quick trip to a hardware store for the missing bits and the Port Kells Irly Lumber tomorrow to see if I can get hold of some scraps of oak, walnut, cherry or hickory wood (I only need a piece about 2x6 inches). All my research indicates that making the draw plate out of an actual hard hardwood allows it to last longer against the bite of the wire when being pulled through.

Wish me luck ^_^


  1. I have no clue what a "draw plate" is, but if you can help me figure it out, and I can find one here, I can bring it with me for you. AC Moore and Hobby Lobby are both very close to me. And there are several bead places in Greensboro.

  2. Also, there are lots of stores in Montreal that might have them :) If you get the chance and the colours are good, take some pictures of the maples for me :) Whereabouts will you be staying?

  3. @Lex ...

    I'm getting the things I need to make one today. I'd rather have it with me than run the risk of mabey someone would have it.

    I'm staying at one of the Residence Inn's near the airport, but we managed to get a car so will be able to travel fairly freely while we're there. (So long as I can remember NOT to turn right on a red light and the other road rule differences)

    I took a look at the coming week's weather report and it's looking like a good shot for actual Autumn with colours (warmer days and crisp nights) and I'm bringing the good camera, so I'll do my best to get you some good shots. ^_^