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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Viking Weave: Getting practice ...

Having woken up way earlier than I would have liked, courtesy of the post-banging, metal on metal sound being generated from the construction site down the hill from here ... I decided to get a little weaving done before I hit the books.

I chose an antiqued copper (so pre-dulled and darker than the usual copper) in 24 gauge. I'm definitely liking this technique .. it's rhythmic and forgiving and the end result comes together fairly quickly. Allowing me to get a bracelet length (13 ft of wire cut into one foot sections for ease of weaving) piece done by the time I had done using the drill gauge to smooth and lengthen it.

I don't, however, like the drill gauge ... because it is metal, it's far too hard on the weave while it is being pulled through. I definitely NEED to find a piece of oak, cherry or hickory (read as HARDwood) and get the right sized holes drilled into it so that I can have the proper finishing tool. The drill gauge, while it does reduce the size of the woven wire tube like I need it to, it causes the reduction to occur unevenly AND, to my fingers, causes the weave to feel ever so slightly rough (which is not such a big deal for a bracelet ... but would feel awful on the far more sensitive skin of the neck and throat).

Even allowing for the fact that I have near to the tactile sensitivity of the Princess from the Tale of the Princess and the Pea (an exaggeration, but still based upon repeated observation of my over and hypersensitivity to tactile irritants), I would prefer to see an end product that was smooth and soft ... I can only deduce that it would be far more pleasant to wear. So, I will need to find somewhere that I can purchase a small quantity of the necessary hardwood and then purchase the needed drill bits to make the larger holes (I already have approximately half of the drill bit I will need ... but they are all the smaller finishing sizes).

Rough finished 24g antiqued copper weave.

Same photo as above using Jasc Paintshop Pro 8 to magnify the
weave allowing for a better view of the intricacy of the weaving.

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