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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Viking Weave: End caps

I went back to the 24g antiqued copper bracelet I wove the other day. Beginning by drawing it through my new draw plate to smooth and soften out the links, I coiled some 20g copper and turned them into a mighty nice end cap I can actually be proud of.

Had an idea using coiled 20g copper.

Add a simple two amethyst bead dangle,
and it's complete.
Finally an end result I like!   ^_^

Then I revisited the 24g silver and antiqued copper weave I made earlier today for testing the draw plate ... Kara called dibs on it, so finishing it nicely was kind of necessary.

Having gotten a bit too enthusiastic during my trial run with the draw plate (drew it through every one of the drilled holes), I ended up with a two tone weave that was just slightly too long to be a bracelet if end pieces were used. So, I opted to make it a bangle instead (for those who don't know a bracelet differs from a bangle in that the former has a clasp/closure of some sort while the latter is one continuous piece that the wearer slides over the hand to put on). Some 20g coiled copper and a three bead dangle (a piece of magnetized lodestone sandwiched between two purple sheen glass beads Kara really liked) turned this into a wearable piece.

Kara modelling her new bangle.

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