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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Viking Weave: Double Weave 1st Attempt

Well this sucks ... I'm sick. I can't afford to be sick with Kara recovering from major surgery ... I also can't take this bug into the recovery residence with me. That's just plain wrong ... for me to bring a cold into a place where people already have their immune systems and healing factors challenged due to the procedures they underwent. I cannot do it even though I want to be there with Kara.

Blue craft-wire bracelet with handmade
findings that I wove the second night here.
Instead of making myself insane fretting, I decided that today would be the day that I would experiment with trying to master the double weave technique of trichinopoly ... I used some of the 24g copper wire that Jen had gifted me with.

My first attempt was a 6 sided weave and it didn't work out so well ... I did learn from it. I learnt that I need to make the weave far looser, with longer loops, than when I'm doing a single weave. It quickly became too difficult to get the wire through the very tight loops and I was forced to abandon it before I'd gotten too far.
1st try at a double weave ...
didn't get too far.
It has just enough length to it to hint at the very attractive weave that would have resulted had I known what I was doing and been able to complete it.

I decided to go with a 4 sided weave for the next attempt in order that I could practice weaving loosely before again trying the 6 sided one I prefer. This worked considerably better.

Completed 24g 4 sided
double weave.

After being put through the
draw plate.

Closeup of the finished wire.

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