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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chainmail: Pink Die Bag for Kara

So, Kara asked me to make her a die bag the day before she went in for her surgery. I agreed that I would, as soon as I could locate some pink wire.

While Kara was recovering and after my cold had improved enough for me to venture outside (but not enough for me to risk bringing the bug into the recovery residence), Jen and I made a quick trip to ClubBEADplus which just happened to be in Montreal. OMG! I fell in love with the place, so wish we had something of that calibre on this end of the country but, thankfully, they have an online store and will ship to BC (Huzzah!!!).

Anyhow ... in the goodie bag I walked out with, I had 3 rolls of 16 gauge Pink coloured aluminum wire. I got a whole bunch of other things too ... several different wires including some 18g copper, three different spools of 28g copper (a pink, a mauve, and a silver) and more. Also got these:
Agate Skull beads - Assorted colours

Turkish 'Evil Eye' Charm beads

End cap findings for Viking Weave.

Since Kara is being a very good girl about her homecare and not pushing herself too hard, I figured I'd best get with it and get on making her the promised bag. And so, today became prep day ... which also has allowed me to think about what tale I'd like to spin for NaNoWriMo which begins November 1st.

Coiling the pink wire

Completed Coils

731 cut pink jump rings.

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