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Monday, September 5, 2011

Chain Maille - What Started It All ...

So ... after the whole dental fiasco on Saturday left me in severe pain and an extremely short and foul temper, I needed something with which to occupy my mind and body that wouldn't see me snarling and snapping at the family. 

Having purchased some 16 gague copper jump rings the last time I was in Moody Beads (3 small baggies of about 25 rings a piece), and having figured out how to make the smaller sized ones with my coiling gadget, I decided to see if I could make a simple rosette. Which went rather well, so I made another ... followed by some small purple jump rings to see if I could marry the two rosettes together ... and the whole thing evolved into an earring. So, of course, I had to make a mate for it. And Kara ended up with a new pair to go to work with the next day (yesterday).

Starting out just trying to keep busy.
Completed 1st earring.

All materials laid out for the next one.

The two rosettes are complete , just need to marry them.

And the completed pair.

Kara wearing her new earrings to work yesterday.

I had so much fun with making them, despite all the discomfort I was in, that I became quite keen to do more ... and try other patterns. I did not, however, have enough copper jump rings left to do much of anything with and the mandrels of my coiling gadget were of the small and tiny variety. 

It was time to get creative.

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