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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chainmail - Nearly complete ...

Well, it's way too early in the morning and I haven't been to bed yet ...
Must mean that I got into a groove with what I was doing and didn't stop till I was done.

Got the body cylinder done.

Just needs a bottom.

Speaking of bottoms ...

Well, the bag proper is done ...
not too shabby for a first try, methinks.
It's not perfect ... a bit lopsided here and there, and a fair weight as well. But I'm pleased it's done and I learned a lot from doing it. Getting the bottom rosette attached to the body cylinder was probably the biggest challenge I had.

A bit of braided string makes the closing tie and tomorrow (Sunday) I'm going to see if I can make a Celtic Star to attach to the tie to allow it to be secured in a manner that's a little less plain. We'll see what happens.

I have an idea for how to do the bottom differently that I'll have to play with in the not too distant future but this IS a functional dice bag capable of holding several sets of polyhedrals without losing any.

I hope Sheri will like it.
(Typical of me ... no sooner have I completed a project, than I'm critiquing it to death in my own head)



  1. Looks like you used a 4 in 1 patern for the majority of the bag. Have you consider adding a cloth liner to protect the dice from wear and tare and possible damage?

    1. Well, considering that it was my first attempt at making anything other than simple earrings and pendants, I'd have to say no. it hadn't occurred to me.

      However, once the weave is complete, it's actually quite smooth to the touch and unlikely (with the link size that I used) to allow even the pointy edges of a d4 to stick out through it.

      If I were to be making pouches to offer for sale or somesuch, I might put a liner in it. Though it would really add to the cost.

      However, most of the Pen'n'paper gamers of my generation hearken back to the original soft, light blue, plastic polyhedrals with the white crayon one used to colour in the numbers so they could be read. The idea that our dice would sustain damage and need replacing is ingrained into us ^_~

      side note - I actually still have one of those dice ... a well worn and much rounded d8 ^_^