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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chainmail - Finishing Touches ...

I had to give the chainmail work a rest for a few days as I'd worked up a few blisters on my fingers from manning the pliers. Today, since my hands felt better, I figured I should put the finishing touch on Sheri's bag.

All it was missing was something to make closing it easier ... so, I set out to make a rosette known as a Celtic Star:

A quick peek at the three sizes of needles
I'm using as mandrels (someday I will
need to get the real thing).

Getting the Star started.

Work progresses.

Completed Celtic Star

Had a small issue with the Star when I went to thread it onto the pull-string for the bag ... the very centre (blue) ring proved to not be strong enough to hold firm against the strain of the drawstring being pulled through it ... so I did a quick substitution with a 16 gauge copper jump ring and all was well ^_^

Threaded onto the drawstring.

Tied in place.

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