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Monday, September 19, 2011

Chainmail: Die Bag #2

I opted to try a different pattern for this effort. It was a bit tougher to figure out, being that the individual who provided the tutorial works upwards from the original row and I prefer to work downward ... also, there are occasions where the explanation text instructions became a bit ... vague and confusing and I kind of had to wing it. The end result was ready in time for the character building session at Keith's on Saturday.

Still not quite right, but it's a workable die bag which will hold fewer dice than the one I made for Sheri.

Getting started by making queen-rings.

Each batch of wire comes secured with
the x shaped wire thing you can see in the photo.

Using a bolt, I twist the wire
to form 4 queen-rings ... then cut with
the aviation snips ... et voila!

Made sure to have my jump rings all
ready and each pouch only requires 1

The main body of the weave is done
and I have begun the contractions
that form the bottom.

Added in a 16 gauge copper ring
at the very bottom, for a personal touch
(and to make sure that smaller dice don't make an escape)

Strung along the top, it looks like
a bag.

Using an old silver pendant as a toggle for the
pull-cord, the pouch is finished ... only took 2 days this time.

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